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Sun Singles (Red Vinyl)

Jerry Lee Lewis


Hell, reckoned Jerry Lee, if a boy like Elvis can make it, why not a piano pumping hell-raiser like me? Having rocked up at Sam Phillips Sun Studios, Jerry Lee Lewis helped turn 706 Union Avenue, Memphis into rock & rolls most famous address. Barely out of his teens, Jerry Lee had taught himself to play piano in a fortnight. He incorporated rhythm & blues, country & western, gospel, boogie-woogie and cajun into a pumping style that was his very own. Enjoy The Sun Singles Collection including Whole Lot Of Shakin Going On, Breathless and Great Balls Of Fire



Item details

Medien LP   (LP VINYL)
Special edition High quality edition
Release date 03/02-2017
Release country Storbritannien
EAN/UPC 5060348582359
Label NOT N
Udgivelse IMT5048686.1
Genre Rock & Roll
Weight (estimated) 200 gram
Sprache English