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Strictly Bossa Nova / Various

Strictly Bossa Nova / Various


Developed in Brazil in the 1950s and popularized in the 1960s, bossa nova is one of the best-known Brazilian music genres. A mix of sung samba and US West Coast jazz, the bossa nova is an understated easy-listening form of music. Some of the best-known musicians are featured here - João Gilberto, Sérgio Mendes, Luiz Bonfá... and this compilation presents a selection of some of the more timeless releases that surfaced at the time - "Mas Que Nada", "Garõta De Ipanema","Bolinha De Papel", among others. Enjoy!



Item details

Medien CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal enheder × 2
Release date 22/09-2017
EAN/UPC 5060143496745
Label NOT N
Udgivelse IMT4349674.2
Genre Bossanova
Weight (estimated) 186 gram


  1. Mas Que Nada - Ze Maria
  2. Bolinha De Papel (Little Paper Ball) - Joao Gilb
  3. Oba-la-la - Sergio Mendes
  4. Manha De Carnival (Morning of Carnival) - Stan G
  5. O Pato (The Duck) - the Ramsey Lewis Trio
  6. Brazilandia - Tito Puente & His Orchestra
  7. So Danco O Samba - Ze Maria
  8. Ciume - Zoot Sims and His Orchestra
  9. Amor Por Amor - Luiz Bonfa
  10. A Primeira Vez (The First Time) - Joao Gilberto
  11. Outra Vez - Sergio Mendes
  12. Amor Em Paz (Love in Peace) - Herbie Mann
  13. Por Causa De Voce Menina - Ze Maria
  14. Bossa Em Re - Luiz Bonfa
  15. Balanco No Samba (Street Dance) - Stan Getz
  16. Se Acaso Voce Chegasse - Elza Soares
  17. Perdido - Enoch Light Big Band Bossa Nova
  18. Samba De Uma Nota So (One Note Samba) - Herbie M
  19. Recado Bossa Nova Pt. 1 - Zoot Sims and His Orch
  20. Bossa Nova a La Puente - Tito Puente & His Orche
CD 2
  1. Desafinado - Enoch Light Big Band Bossa Nova
  2. Garota De Ipanema - Ze Maria
  3. Barquinho (Little Boat) - Joao Gilberto
  4. Recado Bossa Nova Pt. 2 - Zoot Sims and His Orch
  5. Olhou Para Mim - Sergio Mendes
  6. Melancolico (Melancholy) - Stan Getz
  7. Menina Feia (Ugly Girl) - Herbie Mann
  8. Samba Da Minha Terra (Samba of My Country) - Joa
  9. Meditacao - Tito Puente & His Orchestra
  10. Teleco Teco No. 2 - Elza Soares
  11. Tudo Azul - Ze Maria
  12. Dor Que Faz Doer - Luiz Bonfa
  13. Come to the Mardi Gras - Tito Puente & His Orche
  14. Love for Sale - Sergio Mendes
  15. Entre Amigos (Sympathy Between Friends) - Stan G
  16. Coisa Mais Linda (Most Beautiful Thing) - Joao G
  17. Sem Saudades De Voce - Zoot Sims and His Orchest
  18. Deve Ser Amor (It Must Be Love) - Herbie Mann
  19. Bonfa Nova - Luiz Bonfa
  20. Bim Bom - Stan Getz